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Different Game - Full Digital Album


The birth of “Slack Rock” and a grande philosophical statement from the singer/ songwriter. “Different Game” reveals a penetrating lyrical insight through songs like “Mars Declares”, a soldier’s account of the irony of war, and “Reflections (throwing stones)”, an anthemic call to higher consciousness. Sophisticated and folksy, the 15 all original tracks represent a less cultural, more universal aspect of Makana’s music.

This offer contains:

-Interlude I
-Mars Declares
-Different Game
-Necksnap Blues
-So We Say Goodbye
-Interlude II
-New Love Song
-Reflections (throwing stones)
-Interlude III
-Flood II
-Goodnite Friend
-Time Of Being
-Shooting Star

Audio Format Options:
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)

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