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Music You Heard Tonight - Physical CD


If you’ve ever experienced Makana live, you know how diverse his repertoire can be. Traditional & contemporary Hawaiian, Slack key & Slack Rock instrumentals, 60’s folk, original folk pop ballads, protest anthems and comedy. “Music You Heard Tonight” brings all that into the fold, and more: the addition of a Spanish love song that was a personal favorite of Makana’s master, the late Uncle Sonny Chillingworth, and a new category of Hawaiian composition, which Makana refers to as “Transcendental Hawaiian” music. Get ready for a journey. For long time listeners, this new album harkens back to Makana’s debut, self-titled record of 1999: "Music You Heard Tonight" is consummate “Makana”, just as if he were singing to you a few feet away.

This offer contains:

-Music You Heard Tonight

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